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Play WordBrain, the new hit game from Ruzzle developers MAG Interactive!

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Plus, I mute the sound on the game, but the ads still make noise. So annoying! Thank you! Surprisingly challenging as you move up each level. Lots of puzzles. Very addictive. You are losing a loyal customer: Your ads used to be mellow and at a reasonable frequency. I used to stay with you because of the reasonableness of the ads, but not anymore. I wonder, will the loss in customers be worth the ad blitzes.

Love it! When I logged into WordBrain, I saw that I had lost all my hard earned hints and was back down to level one. I was unaware of saving my points on Facebook. I emailed support and told them that I had lost my hints. I could no longer get my IPad back from Apple to login into Facebook from that device.

Support kindly restored my hints at 4 times the original amount. Now I can hopefully get back to where I left off. Thank you WordBrain support. But recently they started adding commercial ads between every single level. All other apps that I play who have ads, if the phone is set to silent, the ads have the sound turned off too. So you have to close the game ap, go back into pandora, hit play again, then click back out of pandora, click back into the game, and then round and round and round after every level.

This is challenging, but so rewarding. Here is ten free hints! Please fix, they are most annoying!! Sent this review back in July , after your update The first word is either the easiest to find or very difficult. Recently, they have added so many ads that you lose your train of thought. I have been pretty far and has my game erased before. Overall, love this game. Too many ads!! Very frustrating! I understand ads sometimes but after every single solve is ridiculous!! I like the game but will probably delete it because of the constant ads.

So frustrating I may look for another similar app. But as you get further along the ads get ridiculous- practically every time you touch it, REALLY annoying, ready to stop playing because of this. I don’t mind having to watch a video to get hints, but the other pop up ads are just plain too many too often. Used to be awesome. Now I’d have to start over on the 4×4 grid? No, thanks. Very frustrating.

Not enjoying this any more! Crashes every time. I watch the ad and no hint. Please fix or I’m gone. Yet the ads come through with sound.

That is a violation! Considering removing the game. Have loved playing it daily until now. And who is going to purchase something that has so starkly offended them? I love that it helps build your vocabulary and keeps your neurons generating.

If there was a way this could be fixed, it would help a tonne. I have encountered problems before, but have always been able to work thru them.

Keeps you thinking!!!! It also is fun and rewarding to challenge others. Fun Being Smarter than Friends! Last week I had to reload all software on my phone due to a software issue. I previously had over 10, points and because there is no way to sign in, I lost it all and am now starting over! So annoying that it takes the fun out of the game.

Guess a word and pop-up ad, solve a puzzle and pop-up ad, clock out and come back later and pop-up ad.

Some of that is tolerable but the ads after every word guess are too much. I have quit playing as much because of it. I understand you need some to keep the app going but it has become ridiculous. Even if you have the first and second words correct they screw around with positioning. Bad move, money making scoundrels. I was playing today in a quiet place with my phone on silent and the game sound settings on silent as well.

I found a word and an ad with very loud sound popped up. I turned my phone off, turned it back on, and deleted this once fun game which is now too bloated with ads. This game is awesome! I also love that it such a great exercise for your brain and helps keep me sharp! Not to say though, it gets really frustrating sometimes in a really fun way! Helps keep your mind sharp!

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If you love word searches but want something a bit more challenging, WordBrain is just the app for you. This innovative update on the classic word search pits. Download WordBrain on the App Store. Get your word game fix. Play WordBrain, the new hit game from Ruzzle developers MAG Interactive! game_chair.

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