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Scores of programs compete against each other with new options, refined workspaces and streamlined workflows. EDIUS 6, from Grass Valley, is a pro competitor with a solid interface, impressive features and some pleasant surprises. The first disc installs the program; the second holds all the bonus software and extra plug-ins. The manual contains 23 pages of installation help, the USB www edius video editing software is essentially a security dongle, and the sticker is just for fun. Installation is quick and simple without additional updates or patches to download.

Grass Valley Edius Pro 9 Video Editing Software – Education version

www edius video editing software

Publisher Description High Echelon Video Editing There are occasions when you look upon a new software application and instead of being surprised, annoyed or simply indifferent, your jaw gets loose and your eyes glaze upon the screen while your brain refuses to give the blink command. This reaction is usually associated when you first come across a professional application, such as sound editing, 2D or 3D creation, photo manipulation or in this case: EDIUS from company Grass Valley is being used by large spectrum of users from small video content creators to the now almost defunct media outlets.

The Clip panel is where you can view specific clips and also visualize the sequence output. This is also the main window where the menu bar is located. The second panel contains the sequence navigator, where different clips come together.

A lot of tracks ensure that you can stuff in multiple video clips, sounds and effects to create a video as complex as you want. The third panel is the Bin window where you can organize your sequences and browse for effects. There are also other panels that can be switched on or off, depending on how many monitors you have and how wide each one is you may have everything on at once.

However, despite EDIUS 8 being a modern and complex application, developers also thought about older generation computers. They made so that the interface does not hinder productivity on morally used rigs by also supporting lower screen resolutions.

EDIUS is cut up for many video editing tasks. Besides supporting a wide range of video formats including 4K you can easily convert from one format to another in real time. Color correction and film grain help you create cinema worthy picture effects. Motion tracking is also a good tool for touching up the camera work and instill a more natural feel to character or object movements.

EDIUS also benefits from keyframe animation. Visual elements can be positioned and re-positioned in a 3D manner, while saving these instances as keyes on the timeline, which will result in movement on the screen. This style of digital animation is very common and is the digital analogue to the stop-motion method of animating puppets.

You can perform stereoscopic pairing of the two concurrent clips and also edit them in minute detail through the wizardry of filters and effects. Keyframe editing is also present here. They can simply copy the files from the memory card directly into the EDIUS timeline, with no conversion or scaling required. That means that you can work on the raw footage at the maximum detail possible. This is no Windows Movie Maker.

The full package comes at a one time purchase. It’s good to now that Grass Valley haven’t taken the subscription route.


EDIUS edits more resolutions, formats and frame rates than any other editor — including 4K! EDIUS Workgroup is the platform for deep integration with the GV STRATUS video production & content management system and the K2 media server and storage platform, as well as MAM, SAN. EDIUS is the ideal editing software for professionals and ambitious video enthusiasts. Its users include filmmakers, video journalists, YouTubers, universities.

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Edius Pro is a powerful video editing tool which helps you to edit videos. This is a versatile real time editing software you can edit SD, HD, 3D. Editor review – EDIUS is a multifunctional video editing application that can be used to create almost anything picture related.

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