YAZIO v7.4.1 APK + MOD (All Unlocked) Download for Android

People to live and develop normally, besides sleeping and resting, eating is indispensable. This is true, whether animals or plants or humans need to eat and drink to grow. Eating is something everyone knows for sure because when we were babies, we were taught how to eat by our parents. Although you know how to eat, but how to eat correctly, not everyone knows to be able to have a sensible diet. Therefore, there are many illnesses related to eating and drinking due to uncontrolled eating. Come to YAZIO to get a sensible diet; this will give users a lot of different benefits. This application will provide users with the knowledge and help to be able to get the most reasonable meal.

YAZIO (MOD, Unlocked)

Building a sensible diet

Obesity is a disease that many people encounter because today, people’s lives have become much better than in the past. Fast food was born and made many people addicted to fast food, which made them obese. This disease is very badly affecting the body of the patient, and if not lose weight in time, it will affect life. If you are having trouble managing your weight, this application will offer a diet program for users to follow. This application will provide users with food, at what time to eat to achieve the highest efficiency. If the user combines with a reasonable exercise regime, it will achieve the highest weight loss effect.

YAZIO (MOD, Unlocked)

Full nutrition menu

Eating is essential, but many people have meals that are not nutritious enough for the body to function. Although you can still feel full, users will not have enough nutrition to develop the body. Especially for bodybuilders, it’s essential to know how the importance of eating will affect exercise. So users will need a diet full of nutrients to be able to ensure the body grows normally. The application will help users to build a menu of dishes full of necessary nutrients. Users only need users to follow what the app offers to achieve the highest efficiency.

YAZIO (MOD, Unlocked)

Calculating Calories consumed by a person

If the user is a male, it will need 2,500 calories to keep the body working on a stable weight. While the average adult woman only needs about 2000 calories a day for everything to work correctly. But not everyone knows the number of calories they put into their bodies each day to manage them. If users overeat, it will lead to overweight, and if eating not enough, it will cause underweight. The application will help users manage the number of calories that users put into the body every day so that users can control everything that they eat. Thanks to that, users can manage their weight to get a perfect body, neither too thin nor. Users only need to enter what they have eaten; the application will automatically calculate the calories you have consumed.