Your Choice Pro v0.9372 MOD APK (Unlimited Money/Tickets) Download

Stories: Your Choice Pro (MOD, Unlimited Money/Tickets) offer players well-developed and intriguing storylines as players explore and capture each character’s life and heartwarming romance tales.

Stories: Your Choice (interactive novels) is a trendy game provided by Megaloot and paid for, so this version will have more unique features than the free version.


Stories can be considered a game with a professional version with exciting and interesting storylines. Although recently launched, these games have attracted many players and good reviews for their gameplay and features. This is a game that simulates many different stories to participate and experience many different situations.

First, players will receive many diamonds and tickets from playing. After many levels, players will receive many rewards to help them have more plays. The game has a great collection of interactive stories with various characters, which adds to the game’s fun. Players will participate in pre-written stories and be involved in multiple situations to make their choices and solutions to each of them.


Stories is an exciting game with simple gameplay. First, you will choose the gender of the character you want to play and type a name for your character. Next, the game will be given two options for players to decide and participate in their story. In it, players will have to chat and face situations that they do not know in advance.

When placed in a dilemma, the player will have to focus heavily on thinking and choosing one of the game’s answers. Your choices will determine how the plot will play out; it can be a beautiful ending or sometimes destroy the world. Therefore, you must think carefully before choosing to avoid mistakes. In addition, you need to choose the right appearance, clothes, and hairstyle to seduce the other person and create romantic endings for each story you participate in.


Stories have many stories that players can choose and participate in solving dilemmas in them. The story “Of Demi-Gods and Men” is the story that stirs up rebellion and gathers teammates to take revenge on the demigod who stole your homeland. You will then enter a vast fantasy world, where demigods use humans to fight the gods, a world so violent and cruel that your determination to take revenge will be on you. You will drink with your enemies and fight against armies of tyrants; your choices in this story will determine the success or failure of the uprising.

While you’re at it, be sure to check out the two other stories in the collection that are also called “Escape from Paradise” and “Beneath Cursed Sails.” The story “Escape from Paradise” is about encountering beautiful women, but they all have some form of murder planned for you. The second story is about the ongoing battle between you and a pirate to avenge your lover.


There are plenty of new features in the full version of the game that the free version doesn’t include. The first book is a collection of unique stories written by exceptional authors. It serves as a way for players to experience action, adventure, horror, mystery, or crime with several different storylines and endings. Of course, it’s all up to you: your decisions lead to what occurs in the game.

The second is that the player can choose your journey through each story through the available choices. In addition, players can also choose the character personality they want. The player can be a superhero or a villain participating in many bloody battles or a righteous leader,… All your choices will be met and brought to you great experiences. Besides choosing a personality, your character’s appearance can also be changed with many different clothes and hairstyles for players to choose from.

This is a game that provides many interesting stories for players and helps them gain new lessons and discoveries in this game, with many attractive and exciting features such as changing the character’s personality or appearance and many mysterious options that players can choose from. Join the game and create extraordinary stories with many unique characters in the game.