Youtube mp3 converter illegal

We receive tons of emails every other day asking the same question. Well, the answer of this question depends upon your Geographical location. For example, in some countries, you can download and convert the videos to MP3 to listen them offline while others have very strict laws about this question. Similarly, Canada has recently passed youtube mp3 converter illegal new bill which states that you can make a single copy of the video from the YouTube and can convert it to the MP3 just for your own use. In Germany, you can download YouTube Videos or rip them youtube mp3 converter illegal the MP3 songs to listen them offline on your computer or your cell phone.

Is It Legal to Convert YouTube to MP3?

youtube mp3 converter illegal

Copyright Are YouTube converters legal? January With file sharers coming under increasing pressure from warning letters in Germany, the use of YouTube converters has become popular. But is it legal to convert YouTube videos into MP3 format. YouTube converters are legal under German copyright law? The MP3 files can then be transferred to an MP3 player. Legal, illegal or grey area? When converting a YouTube video, only the soundtrack is downloaded from the platform.

In principle, downloading a copyright-protected work is legal under German copyright law provided it is for private purposes. However, the right to make private copies of protected works does not apply if the source from which the copy is made is clearly illegal.

Given that it is generally well-known that many artists and performers publish their works on YouTube for advertising purposes, it can readily be asserted that there are no clear indications that the source of a video is illegal. However, users of YouTube are not required, before viewing the video, to agree to the terms of use. As a result, the terms of use do not apply when using the platform.

Conclusion The conversion of YouTube soundtracks for private use is not illegal under the current German copyright law. The popularity of YouTube converters is rising. It seems the use of file sharing websites may recede. If so, law firms that have specialised in sending file sharing warning letters will have to develop alternative business models.

Given the recent wave of infringement warning letters concerning Redtube and streaming, it may only be a matter of time before the use of YouTube converters leads to warning letters.

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The major labels buried the biggest YouTube to MP3 ‘stream-ripper’ in court YouTube to MP3 converters aren’t illegal just because the music. Such converters are merely technology, and technology is morally neutral; it is rarely illegal to use a specific form of technology. It’s what you do with that.

VIDEO: Youtube Mp3 Converter Illegal

Could you be fined for using a Youtube converter? Technically, it is not illegal to convert a Youtube video to MP3 – but it is illegal to download. YouTube to MP3 converter websites are plaguing the music industry, with people use sites that illegally convert videos from Youtube to MP3.

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