YOWhatsApp (YoWA) v10.40 APK – Download for Android

YOWhatsApp also was known as YOWA, is a messaging application that is modified based on the original version of WhatsApp. With YOWhatsApp you will be able to send larger files to friends, optimize the application interface or even set a password for the application.

Tomorrow the social network Assembly has become one of the most necessary needs of people. Because we can see people using Facebook, Instagram, Twiter, … anytime, anywhere. They use them to communicate with friends and family and update their lives for everyone to know. It is both a tool for people to connect with each other no matter where they live in the world and also a place for them to express their best sides. Therefore, these applications are very popular in the world. They all achieve some users over 1 billion and often operate.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging application

However, their needs have never been enough for social networking. If you pay a little attention, you will quickly realize that the operators of the application are continually updating new features to serve their customers. They also cleverly created trends to entice more people to know their products. The level of such dense updates has not met the demand for functions and utilities that users want — accidentally creating countless opportunities for smaller producers to offer software to increase the power of social networks. WhatsApp is a good example for users looking for a lot of alternative applications to meet what the original product hasn’t done yet. The most interesting applications are WhatsApp Plus, OGWhatsApp, WhatsApp Transparent or this WhatsApp (YoWA).

Fast and secure

Although the hand is a product of WhatsApp, it is said to have more usable features that are worth the try. If you want to download it, your device cannot be found in Google Play. One thing is simple and easy to understand because it is a mod rather than an official app. We will quickly provide you with an APK file to install into your device’s memory and use extra functions easily just like you are running the original application. Everything available in Whatsapp is applied in WhatsApp (YoWA) and applies what the mod adds. For example, you can adjust your personal rights as well as customize the user interface.

yowa screenshots


First, we have to add the ability to enhance personal protection of users. You can customize and personalize everything that is present in the app. For example: select the list of people who can call you, hide the statuses that you don’t want to let outsiders follow, those counts feature that allows you to track your message progress to your friends, … An interesting thing about texting is that you can use many different fonts, colors as well as sizes and types to personalize Turn the conversation: pink for lovers, or green for friends, … You can even make things more interesting by sending emojis to the enemy. Apps that have been added to Android Oreo’s suite make everything easier to control.

With a messaging tool, in addition to chatting with friends, you can also use it to send each other types of work files. APK, ZIP, PDF … Are both approved and decompressed quickly so users can follow it more quickly. For extremely large files, you will not be able to send through commonly used tools like Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, or even WeChat. But if you use YOWhatsApp (YoWA), you can send an extremely large file over 700mb. The booster built in the app will make it even faster than the original WhatsApp. Also, the interface will be customized depending on each Android device to make it work smoother, providing a nice experience for users.

yowa screenshots

Highlight features

  • YoWA is modified based on the original version of WhatsApp (v2.19.34), so you can safely use it. I am sure YoWhatsApp and GBWhatsApp are the best “mod” apps of WhatsApp up to the present time.
  • Personalize everything from wallpapers, fonts, font sizes in apps, and even thousands of stickers for you to use.
  • Send all files to your friends, videos, photos, music, office files or even APK. Maximum size up to 700MB, far more than the original version
  • Additional security options: You can set a password for the application. Fingerprint or pin code security options
  • Works smoother than the original version, because the author has removed unnecessary functions
  • Back up all messages, hide conversations …
  • Never appear ads

YOWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp

Do not compare these two applications together; in essence, the developers of these two applications always want to provide the best experience for users. They always strive to optimize their applications most stable. The choice is of the user. If interested, we also have a detailed introduction about GBWhatsApp

The application will be updated regularly so you can follow this article to get the latest patch for you. In the version just posted last week you will be updated with all the latest versions of the original version. Besides, there are some stickers from the Play Store, as well as emoji sets and new language support.