Zombie Objective v1.1.0 MOD APK (God Mode/High Rewards) Download

Zombie Objective is an action shooting game featuring a zombie-filled world with many dangers for players to survive or destroy. It also applies many familiar concepts for players to enjoy slaughtering zombies and other dangerous enemies. An immersive 3D graphics engine also makes the environment and the details around the player immersive to enhance their experience in various featured settings.

Zombie Objective


Zombie Objective uses the zombie shooter concept, but it is slow-paced and full of relaxation for players to enjoy the gameplay’s essence. Players will also enjoy many modern mechanics, helping them move flexibly or interact with zombies more smoothly and dynamically. The system will also support more features such as auto-fire, quick-turn, and many attractive customizations to improve their experience in countless situations.

Zombie Objective

Thanks to the gameplay depth, players will experience new sensations of survival, such as control mechanics, shooting, and more. They can carry more special equipment, have a high ability to interact with the environment, and sometimes help complete objectives that appear widely at each level. The gameplay primarily depends on various equipment, giving the player new ways to kill zombies and special targets.


The game’s most prominent feature is the diverse weapon system for players to enjoy killing zombies with different styles depending on the type of gun they wield. The weapon will range from pistols, SMGs, rifles, HMGs, and launchers to diversify the system, and players can carry up to two distinct weapons. Moreover, players can customize each weapon with style by attaching accessories, skins, and other elements to increase their performances.

Zombie Objective

Besides hot weapons, some cold weapons can help players kill zombies in close range or want to escape the siege. In addition, the additional equipment is also useful, such as armor and grenades to kill the majority of zombies, and gives players many ideas to use the environment factor effectively for the mission. Players can upgrade everything with higher performance but need to find suitable materials for each piece of equipment.

Zombie Objective


Zombie Objective uses a 3D graphics engine to build every visual element so sharp and realistic, and it even designs attractive and impressive levels. Each level also comes with various environmental interactions, such as explosives, traps, mechanics, doors, and more, to enhance the player’s survivability. Some levels also have unique factors designed specifically for them, including boss fights to improve the entertainment and make gameplay more compelling.

Zombie Objective


Zombie Objective will introduce more game modes, where players enjoy doing different missions to change the focus of zombie hunting. The goal of each mode is different, like assault, defend, escort, supply run, etc., and comes with many modes for players to receive more generous rewards. Moreover, the game’s main story will contain many more exclusive game modes, including special weapons for players to take advantage of.

Zombie Objective is a perfect game in many ways for the zombie-shooter genre, and it also applies a realistic 3D engine to build everything so attractive. Above all, the pace of gameplay and its quintessence always gives players absolute entertainment when immersed in bustling zombie hunts.